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Compiled by Jay Rasmussen


Below is a comprehensive list of web sites (URLs) that are related in some manner to the Lewis & Clark expedition. They are included without much regard to the quality or the accuracy of the material presented and encompass the good, the bad and the ugly. I encourage readers to help raise the bar by contacting the content administrators of these sites to praise useful, well-presented and accurate material and/or to point out information that is inaccurate. I also encourage readers to notify me of new or changed URLs.

For first time users or those with questions, please check my featured sites page.

Finally, I encourage all (newcomers and long-time fans) to join the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council or your state's Bicentennial Council!

  What's New  

Included in this section are recent additions, either new sites or recently found but existing sites and sites that have received a noticeable overhaul or update. They are also included in the main archive list, but are featured here for ease of use. Previous "What's New" pages can be accessed from the main archive list.

Lewis and Clark in Clarksville

Exhibition Preview (Lewis & Clark and the Revealing of America: Library of Congress)

Historical Tidbits of Lewis and Clark and American Indians

Lewis and Clark : Great Journey West

Lewis and Clark : Kids

Lewis and Clark : Montana Bicentennial

Lewis and Clark : Travel Planner

Lewis and Clark Expedition Links

Custom college essays

Missouri State Quarter

Check paper for plagiarism on Domyspeech.com

MSU Lewis and Clark Institute

National Geographic General Books: National Geographic Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail

ipod generations

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark : List of Discovered Plants

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark : List of Encountered Tribes

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark

Native American Culture - List of Tribes

longest website

Noteworthy News

Perry Bear on the Trail of Lewis and Clark

Rixstine Trophy Co., Inc. - Bicentennial Medals

Sakakawea : Woman With Many Names. A Musical Drama

Southwestern Writers Collection at SWT

The Sunny Side of Louisville

Tillamook Head spot now 'Clark's Mountain'

Yellowstone River as described by Lewis and Clark and the U.S. Geological Survey

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Note: I have marked sites with a indicator if I have found them particularly well-presented, interesting or informative. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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