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1997 LCTHF Meeting

The 29th Annual Meeting of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation took place July 25th through July 30th at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. Board Meetings took place before the general meeting opening on Sunday, July 27th. Events that day included a New Member's Lunch and a reception at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. Gorge historian and foundation member Keith McCoy presented a dramatization entitled "Captain William Clark Recalls". Also ongoing was a recreation of a fur company encampment, the Touchet Valley Fur Company and the Vendor's Fair. Among the Vendor entries were two authors signing and selling their works; Courageous Colter and Companions by L. Ruth Colter-Frick (a Colter descendent) and The Journals of Patrick Gass edited and annotated by Carol Lynn MacGregor. At 8:30AM on Monday, July 28th, meeting co-chair Barb Kubik welcomed the attendees at the opening session. However, soon she was "interrupted" by Lucy Marks, Meriwether Lewis' mother, played in grand style by Myrna DeVoe, a volunteer from the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. It was announced that there were 359 attendees to the meeting of which 92 were first time attendees and 24 were descendants.

Foundation president Sid Huggins then opened the business meeting. It was mainly composed of progress and status presentations of the various committees. The business meeting was followed by a set of breakout sessions including; a discussion of Lewis & Clark literature, a presentation on an archaeological study of the village site of Cathapotle, a presentation of "Traveling Trunks" used for educational purposes, a presentation on the foundation's web site, a demonstration by Judy Adler and her Sweetbay Newfoundland dogs and a presentation on genealogy. This was followed by a scrumptious lunch accompanied by a US Forest Service slide show presentation on wildflowers. After lunch, some of the breakout sessions were repeated, and a new one, concerning setting up interpretive signs, was added. Later, dinner was presented with a Longhouse Potlatch theme. After dinner, several impromptu meetings took place, mostly among various local chapters, or groups intending to create new local chapters.

On Tuesday, July 29th, attendees boarded busses for one of two trips. One group of people traveled west to Beacon Rock. Those who climbed to the top were rewarded with a spectacular view of the Columbia Gorge and later, with a certificate of accomplishment. The other group traveled east, first to Horsethief Lake State Park, where members were guided on a tour to see various petroglyphs and pictographs such as Tsagaglalal or She Who Watches. This group then traveled further east to visit the Maryhill Museum. Both groups enjoyed picnic lunches on their outings and dinner that night back at the lodge had a "Country Fair" theme.

On Wednesday, another short business meeting occurred. In addition there were a couple of quick presentations. One, by Dr. Gary Moulton, discussed his progress on Volume 12 of the University of Nebraska Press edition of the journals, which will contain photographs of 240 plant specimens that have survived from the Lewis & Clark collections. Most of these specimens are housed at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. However, 12 specimens are at Kew Gardens in London, England and one "new" specimen was found in Charleston, SC. Volume 12 will be a oversized book, approximately 9" x 12" and will likely be out next spring. This will be followed, perhaps next fall, with a comprehensive index for the entire set. Next, Jim Holmberg discussed progress on the Filson Club effort to publish a volume of William Clark letters, which hopefully will be out next year. This was followed by a wonderful presentation by Dr. Stuart Knapp (Montana State University) entitled "The Scientific Legacy of the Lewis & Clark Expedition". A short while later, attendees boarded busses for a short trip to the Columbia River where they then embarked on a sternwheeler for lunch and narrated trip up and down a section of the river. After the boat trip, and back at the lodge, dinner was preceded by a social hour. The dinner banquet was then held with Ralph Rudeen as Master of Ceremonies. Honored guests included best-selling author Stephen Ambrose, who announced a $250,000.00 donation to Fort Clatsop, and the team of film producer Ken Burns and author Dayton Duncan, who previewed 40 minutes of their four hour documentary on Lewis & Clark. Awards were presented and the new board members were announced before the meeting was adjourned.

A post-meeting trip on Thursday to view the volcanic devastation caused by Mt. St. Helens was attended by a number of members.

The 30th Annual Meeting is scheduled to start June 29, 1998 in Great Falls, MT. This will be coupled with the July 4th grand opening of the new Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.

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LCTHF 29th Annual Meeting Report
Jay Rasmussen
August 27, 1997
Updated: January 24, 1998

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