Preparing for a Modern-Day Lewis and Clark Expedition

The original journey of Lewis and Clark, back in 1804 would have been a huge undertaking and took a year of preparation. The initial venture challenged them to find a passage from the Missouri River to the Pacific. If you wish to follow in their footsteps, you must build up your stamina and endurance. There will be elements of canoeing, hiking, and navigating rough terrain. Strength and cardiovascular fitness will be necessary. Mental toughness will also play a part.

Developing a Fitness Plan

Before starting your intense fitness regime, you must be dressed appropriately, and a well-fitted sports bra is highly recommended. The seamless sports bra from Aim’n would be ideal, as it offers both support and comfort. Running, cycling and swimming should be included in your endurance training, to ensure you can cope with the demands of the expedition. Bodyweight exercises will build the necessary strength for carrying the equipment.

The original journey was over eight thousand miles, and took 28 months. Rather than recreating the whole expedition, focusing on just one area may be more sensible. This will still require a huge amount of planning but could be a more realistic option.